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Does anyone know what is nesting at the corner of 120th Ave & Federal in Westminster/Broomfield? I have seen folks taking pictures everyday. It looks like owls but I am not sure.

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Can you take a pic-we might be able to tell by looking at it? Gary
It is a great horned owl nest with two chicks. It is right off the road and fairly low down so it is a good viewing opportunity. There is plenty of room to pull over there to stay clear of all the traffic.
Thanks! There were about 10 cars out there today. My 10 year old said he could see an owl but I couldn't tell. I guess his vision is better than mine. LOL
There were so many people disrupting the area that police and the Wildlife Rangers put up at least a dozen cones, huge signs that say "do not disturb" and "stay out". They posted warning signs and people are still disturbing. What they don't know is that the mother flew away one day and never came back. They said it was due to all the people disrupting her space. Now there are two babies who may not survive because people do NOT know how to read or respect wildlife. Take a picture from across the street.
They are Great Horned Owls. Hopefully people will respect the owls and the signs to help minimize stress to them. Gary


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